DynaRithmic Software develops and publishes software libraries for the Microsoft Windows® operating systems.

TWAIN Development

The TWAIN standard is used by manufacturers of scanners, digital cameras, and webcams.  The TWAIN standard allows third-party applications to communicate with these devices using a standard set of function calls.   Most scanners and digital cameras that are designed for the Windows operating system come with TWAIN drivers.

We specialize in TWAIN development and have created products that greatly aid programmers in developing applications that communicate with TWAIN-enabled devices.  In addition, we have developed simple command-line utilities that end-users can use to acquire images from a TWAIN-enabled device.

Featured products are The DynaRithmic TWAIN Library (our open source programmer's library), and DynaRithmic TwainSave (our product for end-users and programmers). 

Breaking News...DTWAIN is now an Open Source (OSS) Product!

The Dynarithmic® TWAIN Library has been developed over the course of 20 years. In that time,we have offered this library as a closed source, commercial product over those years. In this present day and age, we have decided to make this library open source under the Apache 2.0 license. This means that DTWAIN is now free for all to use -- individuals, companies, etc.

DTWAIN version 5.0 is currently hosted on Github. All the information required to obtain and use DTWAIN will be located at the Github repository.


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