DynaRithmic TWAIN Library version (DTWAIN) 4.3 (Demo Version)

All other features are enabled in the trial version.

DynaRithmic TWAIN Library (DTWAIN) 3.3 (Free Version)

The Free version of DTWAIN is a stripped down version of the retail version of DTWAIN.  There is no time-limit on the free version of DTWAIN.

The DTWAIN free version has the following limitations.

To summarize, you can acquire only single pages, and only to BMP files if acquiring to a file. If you call a function that is not supported, or call a function with unsupported options, a message box will appear stating that the function is not supported.

For the DTWAIN_AcquireFile or DTWAIN_AcquireFileEx functions, the only type that is accepted in the Personal Edition is the DTWAIN_BMP (a Windows BMP) file type. If another type is specified, DTWAIN_AcquireFile(Ex) will return 0 and no acquisition will occur.