Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers of DTWAIN:

"We have been using DTWAIN now since June 2002 and have scanned in over 250,000 documents from 1 - 30 pages each. Initially we had to use a third party PDF converter but now this is built into DTWAIN making things much simpler. It is called from an Access database. It has been stable and the one or two implementation questions were answered promptly. I can recommend it."

- Paul Matthews (People Alchemy Limited)

"The development team of DocuClass Document Management System (http://www.docuclass.com) would like to thank DynaRithmic Software for an excellent product and the superior support offered. We found DTWAIN a powerful yet easy to use software library, enabling us to master twain devices and let us concentrate at our main business; Document Management. In the few cases we needed support, DynaRithmic's support team responded usually within one business day, and provided patches to handle our specific requests within few days. The DTWAIN product paid many times the money spend back, and it is far superior from many other competitive products having double or triple price.

If you are looking for a cost effective, professional library to integrate TWAIN device management with your software, we suggest to start your evaluation with DTWAIN. It is the right product for this job, supported from the right company"

- Lefteris Catsaros

"DTWAIN has helped us in developing rapidly a robust TWAIN compliant software to feed with PDF and tiff files our Digital Document Software"

- Rudi Sordes - Archive Control Product Manager (www.archivecontrol.com)

"I have used DTWAIN to implement a custom PC based, mobile business and cashier database program where DTWAIN is used to scan in ID cards of customers (like passports). What I can state about it is firstly the excellent support I have received during the test of the demo version. E-mail requests have been answered very quickly and always were a great help to solve the encountered problem.

Now that I am using DTWAIN there is nothing more to say about it: It just works...All in all using DTWAIN would be a good example how things should work out when you buy a library. So: Thanks folks for doing a very good job!"

- Peter Buttgereit

"We are the biggest software house in Turkey. We are developing school administration software. The schools are not rich enough to buy Optical Mark Reader devices for evaluating the optical mark exam sheets. So we developed a scan module using DTWAIN. The schools can solve their problem with any automatic form feed scanners. In other words without DTWAIN we my lose too much time for developing our software. During this time DynaRithmic software informed us about the new versions of DTWAIN. I am very happy to work with DynaRithmic."

- Zulkuf MumCuoglu, Software Director

"As software developer I put a great value on DynaRithmic Software, their libraries save me a lot of time in investigation/development and test. After a lot of searches for companies with a functional product I found DynaRithmic, and just copying the library and making a couple of source modifications my apps and then my customers have (and are) scanning capabilities."

- Jose Rodriguez, Technical Director, Software Ingenieros