Technical Support

Technical support is done by e-mail to   Technical support questions are answered within 24 hours of receipt of questions. 

All persons are eligible for tech support.  If there are legitimate bugs in DTWAIN DLL, many times these bugs are fixed or diagnosed in less than a day. 

Support is open to anyone who has downloaded the demo version, however paying customers will have priority if there are problems with various aspects of using any of DynaRithmic products. 

It is highly recommended that before asking questions, the manual for the particular product should be read to see if the question has been answered.  Most, if not all basic questions are answered in the manuals for the various libraries. 


Before submitting a bug report...

If an error occurs when using the DynaRithmic TWAIN Library, or when using TwainSave, please read the following concerning how to quickly expedite support issues.

For the DynaRithmic Twain Library (DTWAIN):
Before requesting support, please have the following information available:

  • What task you are trying to accomplish

  • Make and model of TWAIN device

  • If applicable, sample source code that uses DTWAIN that duplicates the problem.

  • A log created by calling DTWAIN_SetTwainLog that includes all information during a sample run of your program.  The call to DTWAIN_SetTwainLog should use the DTWAIN_LOG_ALL argument, along with the file name.

For TwainSave:
Before requesting support, please have the following information available:

  • Command-line used

  • Make and model of TWAIN device

  • Log created when using TwainSave in verbose mode (-verbose and -verboselog command-line arguments)

  • If applicable, a log created using the -diagnose and -diagnoselog command-line arguments.

For both DTWAIN and TwainSave, generating log files will expedite support issues much more quickly. The log files contain information on all the TWAIN activity that is occurring between your device, the TWAIN device manager, DTWAIN, and TwainSave.


Data Source Problems and DTWAIN

Problems and bugs in third-party Data Sources are harder to diagnose, since DynaRithmic Software has to verify whether the bug is a legitimate Data Source bug, or a bug in DTWAIN DLL.  These types of errors take longer to resolve, but they usually do get resolved.   DTWAIN has many functions that can bypass many of the bugs that exist in some Data Sources. 

Having stated the above, DynaRithmic Software does not fix bugs in Data Sources.  If you feel that there is a problem with your installation of the scanner, digital camera, etc. or your scanner's user interface is lacking, buggy, etc. these problems should be reported to the manufacturer of the device or creator of the Source.   For example, questions such as "I have a model X scanner and it doesn't work with Windows NT" is not a question that DynaRithmic can answer (except with the generic "does the scanner have an NT driver").

In the message board, there is a topic that discusses general scanning issues.  It is advised that you post your question there, and possibly someone will be able to answer your request. 


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