DynaRithmic TwainSave              

TwainSave is a Windows command-line scanning utility that allows you to acquire images from any TWAIN compatible device, and save the images to a variety of image formats.  TwainSave comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions to support both 32-bit and 64-bit TWAIN drivers.

The supported file formats that TwainSave is capable of saving images are as follows:

Also available are multipage TIFF, PCX, PDF, and PostScript files.  When producing Acrobat PDF files, TwainSave has various options including setting the producer, keywords, encryption, and other useful PDF options.

Also, TwainSave contains many options to acquire images:

and many more options.

Since TwainSave is a command-line utility, end-users as well as programmers can easily utilize TwainSave in their programs to initiate TWAIN image retrieval.  If the programmer desires even more control of TWAIN image retrieval, it is highly recommended that the DynaRithmic TWAIN Library be used for more programmatic control of the Twain devices.

For example, to initiate a file transfer from the TWAIN device to a BMP file, it is as simple as stating this on the Windows command-line:

twainsave -f test.bmp

For 64-bit TWAIN devices, the command would be as follows (please note that you can only run the 64-bit version of TwainSave on a 64-bit Windows operating system such as Windows 7/64, Vista/64, XP/64, and any 64-bit Windows Server OS, 2003 and above):

twainsave64 -f test.bmp

This simple command

Please note:

TwainSave will work the best on devices that adhere to the TWAIN compliancy specifications.   This includes both manufacturer drivers and operating system environments.  

Why choose TwainSave over other command-line scanning utilities?